Since 1933 your single salt provider.

Bring us your challenges. The Harvey Salt Company has been the area’s Single Source Salt Supplier for over 85 years. Since 1933 our customers have trusted us as their resource for Water Conditioning, Ice Melt, Food Grade and Agricultural Salts. Bag, Bulk or Railcar.

We offer customized delivery options for your unique facility – city truck, liftgate & electric pallet jack, pallet jack to rear of box trailer, triaxle dump truck, dump trailer, pneumatic salt blown into silos, dock deliveries, flatbed deliveries, etc.

Put our decades of experience in the salt industry to work for you no matter what your core business – Government, Pharmaceutical, Education, Healthcare, Industrial, Data/Colocation Centers, Commercial Office Buildings, Hospitality, Correctional Facilities or Retail Shopping Centers. One call is all it takes. Let’s have a conversation.

We are honored our customers have trusted us as their thinking partner since 1933. We help provide guidance and recommendations about salt products no matter what your food, water treatment, agricultural or ice melt application.

Salt is Amazing.

Did you know there are over 14,000 uses for salt? With so many uses and choices to consider, it’s no wonder you will want a plan to narrow your choices. You can feel confident The Harvey Salt Company can be your resource to help you select the right product for your application then deliver your product on-time every time – year after year.

Food Grade

If your business is food processing (meat, bakeries, etc.) you can feel confident in choosing The Harvey Salt Company. Our Food Grade Salt team has been helping area food manufacturers select the salt product and technical properties to fit their unique application since 1933. And, that’s a record we’re proud of.  

Whether you need a high-purity granulated, flake, topping or extra coarse salt with more surface area per crystal and improved adherence together with a high percentage blendability or fast solubility rate, our team is ready to provide the specifications and testing samples you need to make the best decision.  

Are you seeking that special blend of Food Grade Salt crystals that give your customer a unique saltiness taste experience? Looking for superior adhesion (stickiness) to your product or dissolvability? Need to assemble a manageable sampling list of the vast number of food grade salts with so many sizes, textures and additives available? Looking for a road map to begin your search process?

Look no Further. You’re in Good Hands 

Did you know just one Food Grade Salt manufacturer alone represented by The Harvey Salt Company produces more than 50 different grades and mixtures for the food manufacturing industry? We invite you to connect with our team and our resources to help you locate that one or more special Food Grade Salt product for your application. You can count on our trusted expertise in the field and impartiality of manufacturer recommendations.  

Be Confident. You selected the Right Food Grade Salt.  

Connect with our specialists who will guide you through our Food Grade Salt sampling process.   

Whether your need is to sample and select multiple Food Grade Salt products to test for your unique food manufacturing requirements or have one of our specialists onsite during discussions to offer another perspective, our customers have trusted The Harvey Salt Company since 1933. Since we are a distributor you can trust us to provide your food processing team with unbiased, independent recommendations to begin deeper discussions to select the right food grade salt to help you  

You’re just steps away from creating your own unique, special sampling ready for test market and/or focus group tastings.  

Liquid Brine

Bulk Liquid Salt is available in bulk tanker trailer loads (4,200 – 5,800 gallons per load) or less than truckload (500-1,500 gallons) and shipped plant direct to the customer’s end use location or to Harvey Salt’s designated transfer station with protocol and quality standards strictly enforced including a unique seal number and Plant Producing Certificate of Quality / Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each load. 

Bulk Liquid Salt is obtained from underground salt deposits by deep well mining solution directly at the producing plant which may also be a food grade salt production facility.  

Recommended as a source of Sodium in production and a wide variety of industrial applications.  

 Don’t compromise on quality. When purity and integrity of your fully saturated Bulk Liquid Salt is vital, you will want to choose shipments of brine from a producing plant using rigorous analytical standards and safeguards in the production process chain together with the strict shipping safety procedures of The Harvey Salt Company.

Agricultural Salt

For decades Harvey Salt has been a Supplier Partner to our many agricultural salt customers in the Feed Industry supplying specially-sized salts for blending in animal rations or free-choice salt for dairy cows, beef cattle, horses, pigs, poultry, sheep and goats.  

We know the salt products that help balance animal diets and help promote digestion, development, care of body tissues, correct reproductive processes, and overall animal health. We champion the same causes we all care about while demonstrating our commitment to sustainable farming practices and wholeheartedly support the Agricultural industry.  

It is always a privilege for our Agricultural Salt team to be considered a resource for our customers in our feed and dairy farm communities. We take the time to provide current and future market insights and timely information to help you plan your feed needs and balance with a consistent, reliable supply of bulk and bag salt.   

Our farming communities are vital to us all. Harvey Salt welcomes the many opportunities we have to serve our agricultural communities.

Water Treatment

If your challenges lie in water treatment within the verticals of Pharmaceutical R&D/Production, Healthcare, Education (K-12 Schools/Colleges/Universities, Data/Colocation Centers, or Correctional Facilities, our review of options in the industry from the correct salt can help you select the right product for your application delivered on time in pristine condition. And when you need to reduce or eliminate handling, we are the area’s most knowledgeable resource for multiple options for environmentally responsible, automatic brine delivery systems for the intermediate to large user tailored to fit your workflow and site layout.   

If your industrial Plant Operations team needs to select the optimal Water Treatment SaltNeutralizer or Filter Media for your water chemistry, Harvey Salt’s team is honored to be considered your thinking partner.

Ice Melt

A strong Ice Melt Program is profoundly important to every business.  

Don’t become a Statistic – We Can Help. 

Slip & Fall litigation is a very real threat to Commercial/Industrial property owners. As a property owner, we know you can benefit from our Ice Melt Specialists completing a walk-through of the unique characteristics of your properties and campuses with a focus on helping you document and make your plan the best it can be. Be proactive. Be prepared. Don’t let litigation from Slips & Fall injuries threaten to adversely affect the profitability of your business. Schedule an appointment with one of our Ice Melt Specialists today.  

 Snow & Ice may = Slips & Falls 

Every company has good business reasons to limit their liability exposure to Slip & Fall Injuries by formulating a comprehensive Ice Melt Program based on industry standard practices. Litigation Case Studies have proven, an important component of a strong program is documentation of best practices prior to a Slip & Fall Injury along with regularly scheduled revisions as appropriate.   

Harvey Salt has Your Back. 

Should a Slip & Fall injury occur happen at your facility, there is historical evidence of litigation investigations that supports the fact that you will be asked to support the actions you took to prevent injury and whether these actions were consistent with your plan to help protect pedestrians on your grounds. One of Harvey Salt’s Ice Melt specialists can assist you with industry best practices as you assemble your plan.  

Industry Best Practices = Peace of Mind. 

You want to provide your owners, staff and visitors with peace of mind and avoid a Slip & Fall Injury on your site. Contact one of our Ice Melt Specialists to help review your written plan to help make sure your team is applying the appropriate Ice Melt product at the optimal time using the correct application rate.   

Document. Document. Document. A Complete Plan. 

A member of our team will accompany you through a complete walk-through of your facility helping to call out potential hazards/risks in each area of the facility then provide a selection of Ice Melt choices along with Technical Data and Safety Data Sheets to help support your documentation. In addition to outside streets and walkways, products that minimize tracking of Ice Melt materials through entrance ways will be noted.   

Help at any stage of Ice Control Program Development.  

Don’t have a formal Ice Melt Program? Contact a Harvey Salt Ice Melt Specialist today to learn about our time-trusted and latest Ice Melt offerings to complement current best practices in snow and ice control management.  

Pool Salt

Pool salt is specifically engineered for pools using pool salt chlorine generators. Formulated with environmentally friendly ingredients that are safe for almost all swimming pools. Eliminates the use, storage, and odor of hazardous chlorine chemicals.  

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