The HP Briner Salt Dissolver manufactures sodium chloride brine from rock, solar, or evaporated granulated salt for use in water softening systems, food applications, textile operations, or aquatic industries.


The HP Briner Salt Dissolver is dry salt system designed for the large salt user (est. 300+ tons per year) and manufactures saturated sodium chloride brine from rock, solar or evaporated granulated salt for use in water softening systems, food applications, textile operations, or aquatic industries. Deliveries of bulk salt arrive in large pneumatic tanker trucks with approximately 23-25 tons of salt per load. 

The facility must accommodate ingress/egress for the tanker and tractor. The tankers contain a blower package to convey the salt through 4-inch pneumatic delivery piping up the side and into the top of an aboveground silo-type tankMunicipality noise ordinances should be checked as off-loading of salt can create nuisance noise and potential salt dust. Minimum overall dimensions of the silo are 9 feet diameter x 21 feet highEquipment and installation are fully capitalized (CAPEX).   

Optional Features

Freeze Protection Package – An optional item consisting of two (2) Polyisocyanurate foam insulation layers applied in board stock 60″ high on the vessel sidewall. The insulation is covered with a 120 – 150 mil hard fiberglass skin to assure a liquid tight enclosure, then coated with a light gray gel coat containing a U.V. inhibitor. Under the insulation will be two (2) 550 watt, 120 volt heat panels. A NEMA 4X fully electronic control box is supplied with both a control and high limit temperature thermostat. Both thermostats will be mounted and pre-wired so all the customer has to do is run the hot, neutral and ground to the system. Recommended for all outdoor systems installed in severe winter climates.

Pneumatic Dust Suppression System – containing external FRP bag housing with removable cover, polyethylene vent bag, stainless steel bag strap, and stainless steel bag fasteners.

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