Brine Systems and Delivery

Harvey Salt offers two aboveground automatic brine delivery systems. Both systems eliminate manual handling of bag salt and allow a customer to purchase loose or bulk salt deliveries.

EcoBrine System

The Ecobrine System provides the end user with the cost savings of purchasing loose salt in bulk and eliminating all manual handling of bag salt then adds the flexibility of a zero-up-front (OPEX) option for qualified buyers.

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HP Briner Systems

The HP Briner Salt Dissolver manufactures sodium chloride brine from rock, solar, or evaporated granulated salt for use in water softening systems, food applications, textile operations, or aquatic industries.

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Trusted Bulk Salt Provider

Since the 1950͛s, The Harvey Salt Company has supplied bulk salt to brine systems within multiple verticals (pharmaceutical, government, healthcare, education, etc.) in the greater Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia areas.

As your thinking partner, we have replaced costly and complex systems plagued with labor-intensive steps in the distribution process with ultra-efficient low or no-labor systems coupled with local service and a readily-available supply of industry-accepted components.

For almost 85 years The Harvey Salt Company has provided hands-on automatic brine delivery system selection, location and site installation expertise for every size water conditioning salt user. Each system is individually-sized for each end-user application ensuring consistent brine delivery to one or several inside water softener brine tank(s) throughout a facility which may be located on multiple levels.

Installation of an automatic system eliminates the labor costs associated with cutting, dumping and disposing of bags of salt allowing the industrial/commercial end user to purchase loose or bulk salt and eliminate paying a premium for salt packaged in plastic bags. Brine systems eliminate labor costs because you don͛t have to pay anyone to handle the salt bags. Back injuries from handling salt bags are no longer a concern for HSE Safety Managers and disposal of empty plastic salt bags no longer impact our landfills, rivers, and streams.

Harvey Salt recognizes every facility͛s workflow is unique. New automatic brine delivery systems can afford greater efficiencies with zero or low installation costs up front allowing many intermediate users of water conditioning salt to document savings in product cost and reductions in labor dollars previously spent manually handling bag salt.

We're Your Thinking Partner

When you need to reduce, or eliminate manual handling, Harvey Salt is the area͛s most knowledgeable resource for multiple options for automatic brine delivery systems for the intermediate to large user tailored to fit your site layout. Our process begins with a site visit to learn about your workflow.


We ask questions. We don’t prescribe solutions and we don͛t have canned answers and one-size-fits-all equipment. During our walk-through we will learn from your stakeholders about your cost savings goals and help to unearth pain points. Our promise is to deliver to you a hard cost savings ROI analysis that drives your business decision as to whether a brine system on your site offers a lower total cost of ownership and brings value to your operations.


Since 1933 this is how we have done business. We welcome a conversation with your team. Almost 80 Years of Trust Put Harvey Salt’s decades of experience in the salt industry to work for you no matter what your core business – Government, Pharmaceutical, Education, Healthcare, Industrial, Data/Colocation Centers, Commercial Office Buildings, Hospitality, Correctional Facilities or Retail Shopping Centers. One call is all it takes. Let’s have a conversation.